How do I register as a driver?



  • Michelle Dobson

    I am trying to sign up to be a driver. Every time I try it sends me to the page to request a shipment delivery. Someone please tell me how to get signed up for this.

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  • Cody humphrey

    Ya me to why is this so difficult you should make this easy makes no sense

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  • Matthew Coleman



    You can sign up to be a driver on our site by navigating to the following page:

    All you need to do is check off what you would like to ship, and provide a name, email and password to create an account:)

    If you have other questions, feel free to review our help articles or message us at

    We would love to help out!

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  • John Chapin

    can ;you reactivate my acct or do I need to reapply?


    John Chapin

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